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Rochelle Robinson, a fitness enthusiast and competetive athlete since not long after she could move one foot in front of the other, veteran teacher, artist, trainer, yoga instructor and owner of Andiamo Body, will get you moving, feeling fantastic and smiling fierce!


From swimming for blue ribbons as a mere four-year-old tot, to standing proud on the podium as a National United States Cycling Federation (USCF) Velodrome Junior Bronze medalist after earning 10 Washington State Gold medals, racing down hill ski courses and assistant coaching the up and coming junior racers, to swinging a tennis raquet hard on the courts, waterskiing every single chance she could possibly get, and soaking in the sanctuary of the ocean waves by running along the shoreline and diving into yoga asanas with sand between her toes, Rochelle has been in love with every minute in motion under the sunshine, rain and snow her whole entire life. With over two decades of teaching elementary and high school kids in public and private schools, Andiamo Body is a means for Rochelle to utilize her expert teaching skills while embracing her love of fitness and the fresh a contagious sort of way!

Rochelle subscribes to the theory that exploring a variety of modalities from power infused to deep meditative practices, ensuring correct alignment and form, and embracing the beautiful duplicity of grounding and opening ultimately serves the body, mind and spirit most positively. She offers power vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, mind body balance chakra healing, personal training, and energy pumping Andiamo Body fitness events that build community through fun competition while engaging strength, agility, balance, and flexibility in the body, while encouraging empowerment, connectivity and ease through a trinity of cardio, strength and yoga. Rochelle brings enthusiasm and thoughtful guidance to her teaching of groups of men and women, kids of all ages, families, and individuals. She is available for private individual, small and large group sessions, as well as events in Los Angeles and Seattle. Find her currently teaching yin yoga in Bellevue, Washington at both TruFusion and Shakti Vinyasa Yoga East, as well as offering restorative yoga and mind body balance chakra healing at Madrona House of Apothocery + Healing in Seattle. She's also serving as an APPbassador for Unplug Meditation, which is based LA.


Rochelle Robinson (MAT, MALA, CPT, e200hr RYT, BMB

CertificationsNational Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT), Tamal Yoga School - Yoga Alliance e200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Jillian Michaels Body Shred Instructor, Yoga Buddies Instructor, Yoga Education Institute Children's Yoga Teacher, Mindful Schools Meditation Educator, Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor, Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing/Healers Forum Body Mind Balance (BMB L1) Chakra Healing Practitioner, Madrona House Earth Practitioner (200 hr), Bala Yoga/Pamela Chang Yin Yoga Teacher (50hr), Twist Yoga School (300hr ~ in progress), Grinning Yogi/Laughing Lotus Teacher Training (300hr ~ in progress).

Andiamo! Andiamo! (Italian: Let's go! Let's go!)

Get Fit & Bliss Out!


Andiamo Body's Signature GO, HUSTLE, and FLY are quintessential action-packed workouts, microcosmic of what an individual Andiamo Body program includes: a strength, speed and agility based bootcamp with a cardio activity du jour for extra invigoration and development of endurance and speed with lots of fun competitive spirit that closes. And our finale? It's either a powerful vinyasa to continue the heat, slow flow, or a combination of the two before settling into a much deserved relaxation and peace of mind. 


So there is a time for power, strength and agility and there is a time for rest and rejuvenation. Through the practices of restorative, yin, nidra, mediation and pranayama you can indulge in the later. Restorative Yoga engages the parasympathetic nervous system through ultimate cushy support with bolsters, blankets and more to melt away tension and slip into a meditative state. It's a beautiful dessert like indulgence, like being tucked in for a nap. Yin Yoga slows us down while opens and working the supporting structures in your body, namely your ligaments, facia and joints. Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) again turns on the parasympathetic nervous system and enables deep rest for the mind, body and spirit. Meditation and Pranayama (breath work) practices help us to find our center, calm, peace and understanding. Body Mind Balance Transpersonal Healing rejuvenates and softens your subtle body energy centers through gentle touch along the chakra points. It's yet again a means to release and drop into a meditative state and immerse yourself into restoration to enable transformation. More modalities such as Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Yin are coming soon to the Bliss repertoire of Andiamo Body specialities. 


Andiamo! Andiamo!


During Rochelle's first trip to Italy in her early 20's with one her best college friends they often mused at the adorable voices of Italian children calling, "Andiamo! Andiamo!" (Let's go! Let's go!) There was just something so enduring and sweet about it that their voices have echoed in her mind periodically every since. The root of Andiamo Body is about compelling others to get up and get active, to think of fitness outside the drudgery of the gym, to breathe in the fresh air, work out well in multiple ways, feel alive, and get super fit, in order to embrace this beautiful thing called life. This concept in combination with wanting to tie the name to a part of her Italian roots spurned the namesake, Andiamo Body. So...Andiamo! Andiamo!



Andiamo Body was conceived of and born to give the gift of joie de vivre via embracing a lifestyle of fitness. As Rochelle's curiosity, experience and studies have expanded she has learned that incorporating the softer side of fitness and wellness are oh so luxurious and incredibly important. And so BLISS began and will continue to be part of her practice and what she offers to others. 

Have Fun! 


Embracing the 'ol saying, "Variety is the Spice of Life," Andiamo Body's soul purpose is to offer multipe ways to workout that are a total blast and engage both the yang and the yin side of health and fitness. Not only will a variety of modalities keep your mind and emotions alert and engaged, but will keep your body alert and engaged. By tripping the body's expectations via new means and moves, your body, mind and emotional state will always be challenged. Rochelle of Andiamo Body will not only get you in tip top shape, but she will offer you the ability to enjoy and embrace the freedom of living life to it's absolute fullest!

What's Next...


Look for Andiamo Body's FIT and BLISS expansions into series of videos and multi-week programs that will be sure to set your body, mind and spirit on fire and on ice! We'll be expanding with added components of nutrition with Andiamo NOURISH and more special invites to PopUp events with fitness, wellness and beauty swag to keep you on a beautiful engaging path of fitness, inside and out.



Look for more Andiamo Body sponsored events with Rochelle in beautiful hotel courtyards, restaurants, art galleries and other elegant, eco-friendly locations, similar to her yoga series at The Ambrose Hotel and residency at Ron Robinson Flagship store in Santa Monica, and kickoff of National Yoga Month at Suncadia Resort, now happening in Seattle as well as Los Angeles


Rochelle is available for events, interviews, fitness product reviews and ambassadorship along the West Coast, from Los Angeles to Seattle. 



p. 206-295-4557

s. @andiamobody

Focus Magazine: LaLa Ladies Favorite LA Workouts

April 15, 2016

Leave feeling peaceful and soulful as each class includes stretching, balancing moves, and the option for more challenging positions. Music, cadlelight, and Rochelle's gentle touch at the end of the class add to the mood. 

LaLaScoop: LaLaScoop and Andiamo Body Co-Host Monthly Yoga at Ambrose Hotel

December 12, 2015

LaLaScoop, in partnership with Andiamo Body (LaLa Lady Rochelle Robinson’s super fitness company), hosted a yoga series at the eco-friendly Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica this summer and fall. The Ambrose is the first LEED for Existing Buidings (EB) certified hotel in the country since 2008. Fellow yogis were treated to complimentary classes with Rochelle’s charismatic personality. Her soulful classes come from intense yoga and fitness training. As the sun dipped below the horizon in the Santa Monica hotel courtyard, this well trained yogi left us feeling a sense of calm after her candlelit sessions under the stars and palm trees.

HoopLA Blog: Get Fit in 2016 with Andiamo Body

January 12, 2016

Andiamo Body, created by Rochelle Robinson, is the best way to get fit and have fun (and we are all on that train at this time of year). In addition to hosting heath and yoga classes all over Los Angeles, Andiamo Body offers personal training that is designed to your needs and your level. Based on your short and long term fitness goals, Rochelle will develop a customizable plan aimed to build your strength, agility, balance, cardiovascular stamina, speed and more. Utilizing your own body weight, the gym, pool, the sand on the beach, kayaks, bikes, and more, your workouts will be full of variety and will always keep your body guessing. Constantly changing up your workout is the key to getting into and maintaining the best fitness level possible. You’ll learn proper form to protect your body and reap the most benefits possible. And, you’ll have a blast doing it!

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We both loved how the workout was never boring. We were constantly changing it up and Rochelle made sure we had the perfect form to maximize results. Equally important, Rochelle kept an eye on our skill level and was quick to bump things up or change the workout to get us going at our max level. She pays attention and understands that a workout isn’t a cookie cutter thing and it’s different for everyone.


HoopLA Blog

​I'd honestly do a 2 hour yin class with Rochelle. I can't believe how quickly 75 minutes went by.

Yin Review

Rochelle gives very clear instructions and provides good alternatives for individuals with varying skill levels. 

Yin Review

​Rochelle's class is the best yin yoga in town. After her class, I always get more energy. She is so kind and nice to all participants. I love her class a lot! Thank you, Rochelle!

Yin Review

​Fun compassionate powerful positive teacher. Loved it!

Meditation Review

​Kind, patient and sweet teacher, yet powerful and energetic. She is the perfect guide for meditation and Yin Yoga. I love Rochelle!

Yin and Meditation Review

​Most calming, centered 30 minutes of my life!

Meditation Review

Fellow yogis were treated to complimentary classes with Rochelle’s charismatic personality. Her soulful classes come from intense yoga and fitness training. As the sun dipped below the horizon in the Santa Monica hotel courtyard, this well trained yogi left us feeling a sense of calm after her candlelit sessions under the stars and palm trees.


LaLaScoop, co-founder & writer

Rochelle is hard core, but with a gentle touch.


personal training & bootcamp client

This was great! A really well thought out sequence - and extremely well taught! Seriously, it's so rad to see fellow Salts not just teaching but taking their game to the next level. And the post-yoga snack time may not have been vegan...but it was delicious! Thanks, Rochelle 


fellow Salty Yogi

Rochelle is more than just a trainer and yoga instructor. She is passionate about what she does and wants you to have the best experience and achieve your desired goals. Her personality is so sweet, kind and always has a smile on her face that you cannot help but smile through your workout. I love that when my position is not perfect, she will make the slightest adjustment so I can achieve the move and not get injured in any way. We swim, we workout at the gym, we do yoga and sometimes we do all 3 in one session...Try working out with Rochelle just once and you will be hooked. Lastly, I am always sad when our workouts end, BUT i ALWAYS feel my best! 


personal training client

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